Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A week full of love!!!

It is getting close to Valentine's Day so Libi and I both began wearing our best heart attire.

I had MOPS this morning and I ate the thing I love most at MOPS-- the potato casserole. You see, at our last meeting I was one of the last girls to eat and I didn't get any. I complained about it through most of the meeting and today I was determined to get my serving! Luckily for me-- there were THREE different potato casseroles and I happily tried them all! This is the breakfast of champions: three potato casseroles, french toast casserole, and a sprinkle doughnut :)

When I went to pick Libs up from school I was astonished to find her class totally full! There were more kids than I've ever seen-- including two boys!!!

I finally was able to get a video of Libi and her class singing the "Goodbye Song" from start to finish! So sweet!

I grabbed Libs from school and braved the rain to meet up with Stacy and her son Emerson for lunch.

While we waited for our food the kids entertained themselves playing with Stacy's iPhone. They were very sweet together! It was nice that they got along so well so that Stace and I could chat- you see she's my table leader at MOPS and there is much to discuss this year.

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