Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mommy and Daddy went light this year-- getting Libs an Ariel doll, a butterfly net, and some Hershey kisses (since she requested candy!)

She was so excited to come downstairs and find all her treats!

She loves chocolate almost as much as her Mommy!

Our date for this most romantic of holidays was to Sam's Club...

several hundred dollars later we can eat at home again :)

Grammy and Grampy came over for a visit, so Libs donned the outfit they gave her for Christmas.

We tried to get a good photo of Libs and her grandparents-- but she was much too ticklish!

Libs got lots of fun gifts....

including a frog that turns into a prince!

I think her favorite gift was a heart necklace and bracelet set-- I'm so glad they are getting her started on her holiday jewelry so she won't have to steal mine!

After another all-to-brief nap we were off to dinner at Uncle Nick and Aunt Jessica's house.

The McCleary family was also there for a bit, so Libs had some friends to play with.

Jessica out-did herself making tons of gluten-free food in heart shapes-- cake and pizza!

They have three dogs so Libi spent much of the night on the floor talking to them or pretending to be a dog!

While it wasn't the most romantic of Valentine's Days it was nice to spend time with the ones I love!

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LINDSAY said...

My husband and I have dates at Costco all the time :) no shame in that.