Friday, February 19, 2010

Two busy girls...

This morning our table met up at Wm. S. Hart Park. It wasn't supposed to rain until the afternoon but as soon as we pulled into the parking lot it started to drizzle! Luckily the farm animals are covered so we didn't get too moist.

The only folks from the table to show up were Michele, Madison and Kendal. Our girls have such fun together so it was perfect!!!

First off we fed the chickens using the little machine they have near the coop. Madison was much better at this than Libi was-- most of her food ended up on the ground by our feet not the chickens.

When we got to the deer we asked the girls to pose for a picture. Madison kindly asked that the deer be in the photo so if you look to the top of the picture you will see I obliged!

Next I got to do a close-up of our two cuties! The doll that Madison is holding was brought back from Nicaragua-- her father went there to help the people of Chacocente. If you want to learn more about this ministry please click here.

The animals at Hart park are quite large-- the horse, the cow and the pigs are gigantic!

At this point we had be visiting with the animals for about a half and hour and the girls were ready for lunch or a snack. As we headed to the cars to contemplate our next move one of our other friends arrived....

so we went back into the barnyard! This time the gift shop was open so we were able to get bags of feed for all the animals.

Missy and her mom Lucy came prepared with an umbrella which Libi loved! She kept saying, "I'm Mary Poppins!"

We got one of the nice boys who was sweeping out the cages to take a group shot of us-- here's the whole MOPS gang Kathy, Lucy, Missy, Michele, Kendal, Madison, me and Libi. Aren't we cute???

I love taking pictures of this little one!!!

One last goodbye to the pig and then we were off to....

McDonald's for lunch!

The girls had such fun chatting away with the big girls...

and then playing the day away in the structure.

When it came time to leave we pried the girls away from the play area, got their shoes on, and proceeded to pack up. I bent over to help Michele with Kendal's stuff and next thing I knew Libi was gone!!! We asked the very reliable Madison if she knew where Libi was and she thought she was back in the play area. I knew that she wouldn't go back in with her shoes on, so I went into the main part of the restaurant to look for her. When I didn't see her I had two thoughts: 1) She is in the bathroom. 2) She has left the restaurant. I choose to address #2 first so I looked out the side door and sure enough there she was walking to the car. No parent, no hand-holding-- walking into the parking lot alone!!! I was mortified!!!!! Fortunately I got to her before she actually got to the area with cars. She and I had a serious chat where we both ended in tears, but all's well that ends well! I think we both learned a lesson that afternoon.

In the evening Jammy and Granpa came for a visit. Mommy had another engagement, so Daddy took everyone to dinner at a new place near our house called Everest.

Libs just LOVES her Jammy!!! Those girls are two peas in a pod!!!

While they were eating burgers, I was at Kabuki having teriyaki salmon! Yum!!! It was nice to sit and chat with some of my MOPS gals past and present! In this picture you see me, Christine, and Stacy-- love these girls!!!!! The folks you can't see are Susan and Lorri-- MOPS alumni who I don't see nearly enough!!!

This past year I have really found my group of girlfriends. We text, e-mail, call and get together when we can. I love these gals for all they bring to my life and I hope we're friends for a long, long time!

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