Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Libs woke up raring to get out of the house so we headed to the park with some MOPS friends.

Her nose was still a bit runny, but so was she!

She was also particularly climb-y today-- trying every structure she could.

One of her friends from Skipper Club and MOPS named Lucas brought his trike along and Libs decided to give it a try.

It only took her a minute to get it going, but her legs are too long and they kept hitting the handlebars.

While these shoes aren't the most practical Libs made them work.

I was most impressed that she made it up this one by herself.

It was fun to be outside with my girlfriends-- and as a bonus I got some great shots of Libs.

Libi likes to sit on top of the slide for quite a while before she slides down. This annoys other children who are trying to come down and her mother who wants to get pictures of her sliding down.

It does make for some cute photos of her sitting there waiting for the perfect moment.

For a short time Lucas came and sat with her-- he's so sweet!

Libs got a boo-boo so we decided to leave, grab lunch and get ready for church.

Libi was the only child in the entire service-- which caught the eye of the Signal reporter. Sadly we don't get the Signal so I'll never know if she made it into the paper.

Lenten services really aren't much fun-- no singing, lots of talking, and serious scriptures. Libi did pretty well during the hour-long service, but I wasn't as focused as I should have been.

Before the service I explained to Libi that she was going to get ashes on her head to which she asked, "Can I have princess ashes?" Such is life with a three-year-old she wants everything to be princessified!

Skipper Club was shortened tonight due to Ash Wednesday services, but we still had tons to do!

Our lesson tonight was about helping so we did a service project for the church-- we planted flowers in the courtyard.

The kids did a nice job of planting! It's beginning to look a lot more like Spring at VUMC.

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