Monday, February 1, 2010

Sick again!!!!!

This was my view today-- I was stuck on the sofa with a sick child cuddling with me. There was no cleaning, no laundry, no computer time-- just a sad, clingy little girl who wanted to sit on Mommy's lap.

Despite how poorly she was feeling she still managed to smile for the camera...

except for when she was headed to bed...

my poor sick baby!!! It's only a stuffy nose and a cough, so we're hoping it passes quickly!!!

Date: February 1, 2010

Outside my window: Not really sure-- I was on the sofa with a sick little one all day

I am wearing: PJ's-- neither Libi nor I got dressed today

I am going: Crazy sitting here doing nothing!!!

I am hoping: That Libi's cold passes quickly and that Ron and I don't catch it.

I am creating: My Project Life album is caught up and I'm working on keeping up on this year's scrapbook.

I am hearing: Sniffles from Libi.

I am watching: Old episodes of Shear Genius getting ready for the new season.

I am loving: My cuddly little girl, I just wish I could have a moment to myself!

On my mind: I have a MOPS meeting tomorrow-- should I say what's on my mind to them?

Pondering these words: "Mandatory summer camp" I'm hoping SCLP doesn't do this or we will be finding another preschool for Libi

From the kitchen: Lots of "cold strawberries" for Libi

Around the house: Oh dear, it's a mess!!!

One of my favorite things: The Wii Fit, if I could get Libi well enough so I can use it again!

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