Monday, February 22, 2010

Princess everything....

Today was a very busy day at the homestead. I spent they day cleaning, doing laundry, and of course playing with the princess. Sadly when this picture was taken I was deep in MOPS stuff so I don't look like I was having fun, but trust me I was :)

Everything is about Ariel today-- here is Libi dressed up as Ariel.

We were both super happy that Daddy got home-- especially since he was later than normal.

Since it was a light photo day here are more Libi-isms to enjoy:

"That's a wall. That's a wall!" Over and over on the freeway on the way to Disneyland

Upon spying some cookies on the table at Nana's house, "Delicious!"

"I don't like skeletons, I just like princesses!"

"L-I-B-I spells Libi!" Yes we have a girl who wants to read like a big girl.

Along those lines she is trying to figure out the first letter sound of every word we say. We often hear, "T-t-t is for [insert object here]" or "F-f-f is for..." etc.

"What that says??" when she sees any printed word.

"That does not look good!" This was in response to a Gymboree outfit I dressed her in-- guess she doesn't like my fashion sense.

"We're squished!" When we were having a tender family hug at home

Yesterday while I was doing laundry Libi took some markers and did a little play with it. I overhead, "Hello Lilo, I'm Jimbo. Want to fly with me?"

"Fezzel fun drink game" = Professor Von Drake game= a Disney Monopoly game that Libi was trying to tell us about on the way home. It took Ron and I many miles of driving to decipher what she was saying and then it wasn't until we got home and she pointed to the box did we fully understand what she meant.

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