Saturday, February 27, 2010

A rainy travel day...

Sadly our Faery hunt that was scheduled for this morning was canceled due to rain! Luckily it allowed us to leave for Stockton a bit earlier than planned.

While Libi slept, Ron drove up the rainy 5 to the 99.

We made a potty and snack stop at Bravo Farms. This is one of our favorite stops because they have clean restrooms (with a little girl potty with the big girl potty in the handicap stall), yummy snacks, a gas station, and a petting farm!!!

I brought quarters with me this time so Libs could feed the animals, but the machine didn't work next to the donkeys.

The donkeys (and Libi) were very sad that it didn't work!

We had better luck with the goats!

Libs loved how it tickled when they took the feed out of her hand.

Libi's other favorite thing at this stop is the horsey ride. It lasts quite a while, so it's worth the 50 cents it costs and she has a blast!!!

Today Daddy bought us ice cream for a snack!! Libi really enjoyed her vanilla cone....

and Tobee was hoping she would share :)

Silly Tobee!!!!

Due to the weather (and an unscheduled trip to a Sam's Club in Fresno when we realized we forgot something) it took quite a while to get to Stockton so we all were a bit punchy!!! Libi put as many toys in her hat as she could and then put it on her head-- I'm glad she can entertain herself on these rides!

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