Saturday, February 13, 2010

Naturally fun!

We went to the Placerita Nature Center today to help Cora celebrate her 3rd Birthday. The afternoon began with an animal show.

Libi wasn't a fan of the spiders or the snakes-- quite honestly neither was I!

She was quite brave when it came to handling the deceased one! I especially love how so tilted it so perfectly towards the camera for me to photograph-- she's well trained!

My favorite animal of the day was the skunk-- Ferguson!!! I think my next pet will have that name-- it's so sweet :)

Cora really enjoyed the show!!!

The final animal was Owl Junior-- the mascot for the Center.

Libi was the perfect audience member despite the fact that the show lasted over an hour!

After the show we tried to get the kids to pose with OJ-- it took me snapping away wildly to get one decent pose with all the kids facing forward. Thank goodness for a fast camera :)

We then walked over to the picnic tables for the party. I love how Libi and Cora held hands for a bit!

While Lisa and her family set up the table we went on a scavenger hunt using cool magnifying glasses they gave to us.

The kids found lots of interesting things: rocks, leaves, fur-- good times!

I always forget what a fun outing this is and it's so close to home.

Here are Cora and her parents Lisa and Stacy-- we have gotten to know each other quite well this year at Skipper Club. Stacy is a frequent parent volunteer and the kids LOVE him!!!

The kids all sang and helped Cora blow out her candles...

then my little love gave her an encouraging little hug. So sweet!

The cake must have been good because Libi wore much of it!

Before presents there was time for a little baseball. Stacy helped Libs hold a make-shift bat while Harvey (another Skipper friend) pitched the ball.

We gave Cora a Lightening McQueen card which I think she really enjoyed!

The final gift required some help in opening so Lucas and Libi were happy to assist. Libi can't wait to go to Cora's house and try out her new kitchen!

After a nap that was much too short we went to Uncle Hugo and Aunt Ann-Marie's new house in Valencia to watch Bridget for the night.

We got to meet Owen their new cat...

and the girls danced and played all evening! It's so nice to have a cousin living so close to us!

Ron and I had some things to unload from the trunk and we didn't notice a sneaky little girl wiggled into the front seat...

gotta keep an eye on her!

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