Friday, February 26, 2010

3 Year Check-Up

Friday morning Libi and I went downstairs and she immediately accessorized!

I love that she is expressing herself with her accouterments and allowing me to select her outfits. I'm not sure how much longer this will last, but I'm enjoying it for as long as it does.

In preparation for Libi's 3 year check-up both Ron and I have been reminding her about what things the doctor checks: your heart using a stethoscope, you have to say "Aah" for him to check your throat, they weight and measure you, etc. This morning I found her doing all of those things to Princess Tiana-- hopefully Libi will be as cooperative as Tiana was :)

Whenever we are in the house you will find Libi with a hat, bag, or jewelry on-- always trying to look like a princess. (Note the thousand and one dress up items strewn all over the floor and couch.)

Libs was so excited to be at Dr. V's office! I think it was mostly due to the memories of lollipops that he gives out to good boys and girls.

We didn't prepare Libs for a hearing test-- mostly because we didn't know she would have this test. It took her a little while to understand how to tell the nurse which ear the sounds were coming from, but once she got it she did great!

For those of you keeping track: Libi now weighs 40.5 pounds and is 40.75 inches tall!

They also did a vision test-- I think Libs enjoyed it!

Since most three year olds don't know their letters they use a picture chart. Libi's answers were very creative: She got the sailboat, thought the circle was an "O", and called the crescent moon a "banana!" It was good enough for them to determine that both her hearing and vision are normal for someone her age.

Dr. V took her blood pressure,

asked her lots of questions,

and gave her "inoculations"-- not shots!!!! She didn't cry one bit, we are very proud!!!

Thanks Dr. V for being a wonderful pediatrician-- with yummy lollipops!

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