Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pajama Day...

It was PJ day at school today-- one of my favorites when I was teaching. Everyone is much more relaxed when they have their jammies on-- especially the teachers :)

For the occasion I bought Libs new monkey pajamas. She matched perfectly with Miss Tasha's monkey robe!

While Libs was playing hard at school I was working hard at home, but I did take a moment to enjoy our GORGEOUS weather!!! I spoke to Aunt Linda in Pennsylvania today and they are expecting a major snow-storm so I wanted to rub it in a bit more!

I did a major overhaul on the master bathroom-- a room that is quite over-looked. It's so easy to do since the only folks who see it are Ron and I (and occasionally Libs when she takes her tubby.) It is now gleaming and gorgeous thanks to some vigorous elbow grease.

When I got to school I noticed that Libs was doing some cleaning of her own. Miss Caroline remarked that she is a good scrubber-- perhaps I should use her talents more at home.

Miss Caroline couldn't find the stickers...

so she drew happy faces on each of the girl's hands. Super cool! Libi asked for a princess happy face-- huge surprise!!!

On a princess related note: yesterday Libi woke up and said to me, "Mommy I'm going to ask Santa for princess everything!" I guess she's getting her order in early this year so Santa has time to make everything princess-y.

The girls in Libs class had a pretend slumber party today-- I can't wait for her to have a real slumber party. What fun that will be!

Love, love, love this picture of these three sweet kids! See what I mean about being more relaxed?

They are spending tons of time on the cement-- Libs is especially fond of the sidewalk chalk. We will soon be breaking out some at the house.

During detox time before nap Libi played with her cars. This was the sight I found when came back from putting her down-- that's a nice parade of cars!

Daddy has been busy getting ready for CADA next week so he's been getting home late. Libi and I have filled the time playing princess, dressing up, and watching our favorite movie of the moment, "Enchanted." That Patrick Dempsey is quite yummy and watching it makes me miss my hubby less :)

However this princess and I are happiest when "Prince Charming" is home!

Laundry has been another focus of our lives as we prepare for our trip.

Libi makes it more fun by making the socks dance for us!

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