Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday!

We spent the morning saving up our strength for the big Super Bowl party at Uncle Jose and Aunt Anne's house.

The Limon gang was all there to root on the New Orleans Saints!

Libi and I even wore black with gold Mardi Gras beads-- and she threw around a football for a bit.

There was lots of tickling going on between plays once Grampy arrived.

During half time we all went outside to get some oogies out.

The little kids played "Catch me if you can"...

while the bigger ones played some impromptu football.

Libs cheered them on until poor Jacob fell and hurt himself.

Ron did a great deal of chasing...

and catching...

and running...

and tickling-- so it was a super fun half time!

I took this photo of Bridget which I just love :)

To get one last burst of energy out before the game resumed Libi went on the trampoline for the first time. Daddy was supervising this and I never would have known about it if Anne hadn't told me.

I probably shouldn't have been out there because shortly after this blurry picture Libs almost fell off the blooming thing. I'm not a fan of these kinds of activities-- better that Daddy does those.

During the game Libs was all over the place-- in the living room with the family and in the other room with the younger kids-- dancing and singing all over the place.

When all was said and done we were very happy for the Saints!!!

Who dat indeed!!!

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