Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Really???? Sick again!!!!!

Poor Libs woke up with what I believe was a bad allergy attack. Her poor little nose was runny, her eyes were watery, and she still has a lingering cough.

She decided to stay home from school today which was probably best because she was a runny mess.

She spent the entire morning sitting on my lap using tissue after tissue. She started to get her energy back around lunch time. When she was done with lunch she looked at me and said, "Mama I'm ready to go to school." Sadly school had ended about ten minutes earlier :(

In the evening we got a call from Jammy and Granpa...

it always makes Libs feel better.

For a finale to the evening Libs enjoyed some heart cake with tons of green frosting. You can tell she enjoyed it judging by the amount of frosting on her face. Hopefully tomorrow she will feel better.

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