Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hanging with the family....

This morning there was much silliness from Miss Libs. I don't think this magnet will work as a monocle!

She wanted to watch a certain DVD and when Ron couldn't figure out which one it was he solved the problem by giving Libi a lift!!

After nap time we headed into Nana and Pop's for dinner. I love this picture because this is what it's like when we are there as a family: Ron is on some sort of electronic device, Libi is making noise and I'm chatting/taking pictures.

At Nana and Pop's house there is NO limit on how much noise Little Miss gets to make!

A little tickle break!!! Love this picture of me and my girl!

Not a bad family shot either-- thanks Jammy!

Granpa went to a stamp show today and what kind of stamp did Libi ask for? You guessed it.... a princess one!! He couldn't find one but he did bring her some Mickey stamps-- he's trying to make her a little philatelist!

Daddy shared the darling video of the winners from the Rio Norte talent show. It really is remarkable to watch, you can see it here.

Nana let her play with her cane-- which Libi used like a baton. Luckily no people or breakables were hurt during this performance.

Tonight Lou did something strange... she took every stuffed animal and toy into the front hall and played in there.

Ron got this great aerial view of the play area.

When we got home Libi went straight to princess mode.

Lately she has been calling her Daddy "Prince Charming!" I think this is darling!!!! Ron is enjoying it because he knows that it won't last forever. Luckily she hasn't taken to calling me evil step-mother, witch, or ugly step-sister--- but I'm sure it will happen eventually :)

I'm happy to report that Libi is still Daddy's little girl! She wants to be with Daddy every chance she gets. She runs to greet him when he comes home, insists he puts her to bed, and calls for him in the middle of the night (I know-- I've trained them both well!)

Please enjoy this video of Libi and Prince Charming dancing the night away!