Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Convention Day 1

Today was when the work really began! Registration opened, Ron went into rehearsal, and I became the newsletter photographer.

Most of our friends arrived today including Bob Vincent and Todd Arrowsmith from good ole Santa Clarita Valley.

Ron took a moment out of rehearsal to pose with his Area E team at their registration booth. The theme was New Orleans this year so their area dressed up as artists -- very cute!

Ron's photo was on the wall since he's part of the board (for a few more days).

Janet and Farrah are two of Ron's Area E and Camp friends. Happily they are also two of my very sweet friends :)

There were beads and masks EVERYWHERE!! Libi is going to love all the stuff we will have to bring back to her.

Don Schaeffer, was the convention coordinator and the man who recommended Ron for the stage manager job. Here they are deep in discussion getting ready for the first general session.

Knowing people has it's advantages! Since Ron was in charge of things I got to be in on lots of rehearsals and meet all of the speakers. The first general session's speaker was Jason Ryan Dorsey. His message was OK and his jokes were funny, but he looked like a raccoon in all my pictures. Sorry Jason!

I was very nervous about being the sole photographer for all the general sessions so Ron was kind enough to pose for me so I could test my flash. What a trooper!

I had reserved seats for every major event. See, it's good to know people!

To keep with the spirit of Mardi Gras, every award recipient got some beads. These were my favorites!

There were lots of "celebrities" in the general sessions. Today we were graced by the presence of Brangelina. Cindy made a great Angelina Jolie-- complete with huge lips!

The major star to grace the stage tonight was "Emeril" aka Paul. He did a great job getting all of the Emeril swag and energy!

Since they met about a year ago, Ron and Matt have been fast friends. I even refer to Matt as Ron's CADA wife-- they make a darling couple!

Even though we had a full day, the fun wasn't over. Next it was off to the area lounges for drinks and socializing.

At this point it was late and many folks had had too much to drink which made things fun! In the camp suite (pictured above) it wasn't too wild and crazy... just silly! These yellow vests make an appearance every time Melissa, Shauna, Verne and Farrah get together-- they even came out at Melissa's wedding!

Libs was really runny and sniffy today, so they stayed close to home. I don't think they made it out of PJ's today.

This simple shopping bag has been a great source of entertainment for Libs.

She's even learning directions: Inside...


You can still dress up even though you don't feel well!

Even with those sad little allergy eyes and a runny nose...

she still has spunk!!!

Granpa and Libs still look like they're having fun together.

Tobee seems pretty content to be at Jammy and Granpa's too!

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