Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Something old and something new...

Today we did something a bit out of the ordinary... I took Libs to school this morning. It is Community Helpers Week so they are having lots of special guests. Not wanting Lou to miss a thing I took her (I'm one of THOSE Moms!!!)

Their special visitor was an office with the K9 unit.

The kids were most excited-- not really about him...

but about his dog!!!!

He hid something naughty (he wouldn't tell us what) on the yard for the dog to find.

Tommy (the dog) ...

searched the yard...

and quickly found it hidden in the oven :)

What a fun program they have at SCLP!!!

Next it was off to Nana and Pop's house! We came bearing gifts-- a piece of art Libs made at school that she was proud to share.

Today there was much coloring going on-- Libi is obsessed with drawing her monsters (see previous post)

She also read a few stories to us. I was trying to get Nana and Pop caught up after our Reno excursion, but Libs really wanted silence for her story time!

Tonight we made our valiant return to Skipper Club.

Libs didn't miss a beat-- she sang loud and proud to the Lord!

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