Friday, March 12, 2010

A quiet day...

We have a very busy week coming up with a visit from Cousin Morgan so we stayed home to rest and feel better.

Libi was a whole new kid this morning!!! She woke up and all she wanted to do was play-- I guess the "princess medicine" worked!!!

I was so thankful that she wasn't side-lined by her ear infection-- I know so many kids who are!

We spent the whole day at home: dressing up, watching Playhouse Disney, and reading stories.

There was also a lot of noise making....

but how can you be mad at that face????

Ron and I snuck out for a brief date. It consisted of.... you guessed it, Target!!!!! We did add a new location to our list of "most romantic Canyon Country date locals"-- Kohls!! Yep, we are two wild and crazy kids!!!

We came home to find this site: three cars for three visitors! When Ron's family comes to see us they very rarely arrive in one car. I think it's funny, but not very environmentally friendly :)

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