Friday, March 19, 2010

A short post...

First of all, I'm so sorry that my blog has gone untouched in so many weeks. G-mail, blogger and Picasa haven't been getting along so I was unable to e-mail any photos to my blog-- and it isn't very interesting without the photos! The issue seems to be resolved so now I am trying my hardest to get caught up. Thanks for bearing with me :)

We had two roadrunners in our yard today. According to the experts at Placerita Nature Center, they are getting really rare in the SCV so I was thrilled to see two.

We also had a ground squirrel-- you can tell it's Spring everyone is coming back to eat our yummy grass.

Today we laid low during the day since it's been so busy around here.

Tonight I had some gals over to scrapbook. It was very well attended-- I had six gals-- and I got lots done!! I am now caught up on Project Life and all ready to go to another crop tomorrow :)

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