Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here we go....

Today begins a really busy week for the Ippolito's! Thanks to her feel-better gift, Libs has been learning how to play hopscotch. She doesn't really have the rules down, but she enjoys jumping on the princesses.

We are still showing no signs of letting the ear infection get us down-- there is plenty of energy abounding here!

This morning we helped Solea celebrate her 3rd Birthday. It was a Princess Tiana themed bash, so Libs went in full get-up: a princess tiara and Tiana shirt.

It was like an SCLP reunion-- lots of Libs classmates came to celebrate!

Lou is still a fan of the bouncy. I had to pull her out a few times when the older kids got a bit carried away, but she usually is a very safe bouncer.

They somehow got a copy of Princess and the Frog which they played on the TV. Libs got one glimpse of it and was glued to it for quite some time!

She even pulled up her own chair so she could be comfy!!

They had face painting...

and Libi requested a ladybug painted with green paint. It was quite non-traditional and spirited of her (maybe it is one of Ray's relatives!)

She also got her first temporary tattoo. First off, let me say that I'm not a fan of these in general. We have been avoiding them as long as possible! Secondly, they only had Blue's Clues, Dora, and strange dragon-looking things... if they're not Disney they are even more reprehensible!!! She asked for Dora, which is probably the least offensive, but she put it right on her hand where the whole world can see it. Hopefully it will scrub off soon!

There were lots of fun things for the kids to play on!

After a bit more running and a visit to the restroom to examine her face, Libs decided that she needed a heart on her other cheek for balance... here is the result!

There was lots of fun with the parachute.

The parents pulled the kids around....

and covered them with it!!

There was so much Tiana stuff at the party: a cut out for the kids to pose with,

a beautiful cake, and

Princess Tiana herself!!! Okay, so it was just the birthday girl, but she looked just like her!!!

Libs was getting tired...

so we said goodbye to Solea...

and headed home!!! Libs was a trooper and stayed awake the entire drive home so she could take her medicine when we got home. She did take a nice nap while Mommy relaxed. When she woke up she found....

Cousin Morgan had arrived!

We took her to Hollywood! Hey, when you live in Pennsylvania you have to do the touristy stuff when you come out here!

Libi requested a photo in front of the fountain-- such a pose!

We walked down to Mann's Chinese Theater to see the hand prints in the sidewalk. Libi had never experienced this either.

I found that my hand matched Julie Andrews quite closely. Does that mean I'm practically perfect in every way??? Here is Morgan showing off the beloved Mary Poppins' prints!

There is a great new souvenir stand to the right of the El Cap (a huge improvement from the junky one that was there before!) I decided that we should all do sun-glass posses: here's mine!

Morgan with her rock-star pose,

and Ron and Libs. I should note that Libi selected her own glasses-- she has real style!

After that experience I awarded Morgan the "Best Tourist" award!

We were originally planning on doing Alice in Wonderland at the El Cap, but it was totally sold out. Instead we had dinner at CPK, walked the boulevard, and shopped at the Disney Store and Soda Fountain. They have added a Mickey statue in front of the store and Libi couldn't pass it up!

To finish the evening, we drove down Hollywood and then Sunset Boulevards.

I took artistic photos....

and Libi loved hanging with her cousin!!!

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