Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter...

This morning was another day at MOPS. This is my table of amazing sisters: Michele, Amy, Laura, Stacy, Claire, me, Nancy, and Kristen. They have meant so much to me this year-- I'm blessed to call each of them my friend.

Libi had another great day at school...

she looked pretty darn cute in her little kerchief.

At times it stood up on end and looked a little silly...

but she pulled it off :)

Before a dinner with Grammy and Grampy we went shoe shopping at my favorite spot-- Payless. You see Libi has been growing like a weed and we didn't realize that her feet had grown so much. Sadly Daddy put a very tiny pair of shoes on her this past weekend that gave her blisters, so we needed some larger sizes.

Just like Daddy, Libi had no problem finding several pairs of new shoes!

Grammy had Libi over for dinner so Ron and I went on a little date. When we went to pick her up Grampy had just gotten home so there was lots of snuggling.

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