Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our first parent conferences on the other side...

This morning Ron and I went to school for something that was far more nerve-wracking than we thought it would be...... Libi's parent conference!

It was quite different for both of us to be on the receiving end of a "report card." You can see her report card in this photo-- it was a xeroxed list of tasks. The kids are evaluated in three categories: Can do alone, Can do with help, Cannot do. We are happy to report that Libi scored in the highest range in all but ONE task. I guess that nobody can have a perfect report card the first time around :) The one category that she struggled in was putting things "in" which Ron and I thought was funny because she understand that concept at home. I guess that on the day they were assessing, our independent daughter decided that she didn't want to perform.

Ron and I were very pleased with all of the comments from Miss Tasha-- we know that teachers don't have to be complimentary during conferences.

To celebrate we went to a family breakfast at Mc Donald's. The plan was originally to go to IHOP but our conference went long and Ron had to get back to school.

Libi didn't seem to mind-- she enjoyed her pancakes immensely.

When I went to grab Libs from school I was greeted by this sight:

Do you notice anything funny about Libi's jacket? Let me just say that she put it on all by herself!!! She even managed to zip it all the way up, which takes talent when you put your jacket on BACKWARDS!!!!!

Miss Carol does all sorts of cool things with the kids during recess-- she is one of the only teacher that plays with the kids.

Today she was teaching a slew of kids how to blow bubbles. It was pretty fun to watch.

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