Friday, March 26, 2010

A girl who wears many costumes...

Tobee has also been enjoying our great weather. Her hip is bothering her lots lately-- until she sees a critter in the yard. She is also starting to understand the benefits of having Libi in the house-- hint: lots of extra snacks.

I'm not certain why I took this photo except that it is very typical of breakfast in our house-- lots of fruit, some milk, and a grain of some sort.

We were finally able to get to Nana and Pop's house today. Libi's first order of business was to show Nana her new sandals.

Today Nana had some modeling clay for Libi to play with. It ended up all over the floor which didn't make Mommy happy.

Libi made up a really good song on the ukulele-- she has a good ear.

I thought that she forgot about the trike, but she managed to convince Pop to push her around the house.

Her last act was to become a super hero-- some fabric made for a great cape.

Nana mentioned that when Libi leaves she notices lots of things that get rearranged. I noticed the nativity set where the animals got separated from the people.

After a nap we threw Libi into her flapper costume for the Rio Norte musical.

I don't think Libi has any concept of what a flapper is, but she caught on pretty quick (I love the hands on the knees!)

Why a flapper? Four years ago we took Libi to see Oklahoma at Rio-- she was just a baby-- and I dressed her in her pink cowgirl outfit.

She was such a hit that we have dressed her in costume every year since and the show this year is Thoroughly Modern Millie hence the flapper.

We never had any idea just how perfect Libi's costume would be until we saw this:

Libi looked like she belonged on stage with the Flappers!

Gail Megan was the head flapper and she took an instant shine to her little doppelganger.

Libi was ready to dance!

We got to watch the kids warm up which Libi really enjoyed.

We love going to the shows to support Aunt Gina.

The kids were all super talented...

but this gal stole the show!!! I think if I were ever going to be in a musical I would want to be the comic foil-- they are far more memorable than the lead.

When the flappers took the stage, I had to restrain Libi-- she really wanted to dance with the girls.

We got to meet Madison who played Millie. She thought Libi was super cute.

Our family portrait came out pretty cute-- we looked quite color coordinated!

One final bow to the cast....

and a hug for Aunt Gina and it was off for a good night's sleep!

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