Thursday, March 4, 2010

Award-winning Ron

I began the morning photographing the new to convention breakfast. Happily they had yummy beignets for breakfast!

The second general session was hosted by "Ellen" aka Jodie! She was spot on as Miss Degeneres-- it was such fun to watch!

Our dear friend Sweet Charley won a very prestigious award-- we are so proud of all he's done for CADA!

I also had the honor of hearing Earl Reum speak. He is a CADA legend who has been a part of the organization since its inception! He was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer so they weren't certain he would be able to speak. I am so glad that I can say that I heard him speak-- he is an amazing man!

After the speech we had a moment to celebrate with Charley.

The weather looked like it was going to turn for the worse, but we never saw any snow and precious little rain.

One of the most fun things about convention is walking the floor with all of the exhibitors. We get to catch up with lots of friends like Bruce from USA Travel (the company Ron does his east coast trip with each year.)

We also got to see Uncle Tyler and his son Spencer! We have known Tyler for years now-- we met up with him on our honeymoon. Doesn't everyone meet up with a motivational speaker on their honeymoon?? Whenever Tyler is in town we get together, but we have never had the privilege of meeting one of his boys-- so it was a special treat!

Ron was honored by Area E with their service leader award! The folks from our area voted on this award and it was presented by the Area E Coordinator, Janet. I'm so proud of him!!

The Hart District met up for dinner at Charlie Palmer's restaurant Briscola which happened to be located in our hotel.

The food was amazing!!! I highly recommend the Caesar salad...

and the Penne with wild boar ragout was totally out of this world!!!!

Next time I want to try the antipasto because they have the chef come out and prepare it right in front of you!

It was so nice to spend time with the folks from the SCV schools that we don't get to see often especially Bob Vincent and Todd Arrowsmith!

After dinner we had to make an appearance at the bowling/dance party. Ron and I stopped for a second at the Josten's photo op.

The bowling was way too loud for us, so after a few photos we were off to bed. This "vacation" isn't very restful so we need all the sleep we can get!

Back in Stockton.... Libi is doing much better with her allergies!

She and Granpa are having lots of fun together! I'm so happy that they are getting along so well.

Their poor house has been covered in princesses...

and other Disney paraphernalia.

Yippee for hanging out at Jammy and Granpa's house!!

We miss our energetic little girl!!!

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