Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting the green warmed up

As a practice run for St. Pat's day (and due to the fact that Mommy bought two shamrock shirts) Libs went to school rocking the green today.

She also wore her hair down in a headband-- it's getting so long!

While Libi was in school, Morgan and I went to check out her dream school Cal Arts.

There was a ton of Disney memorabilia, so I had lots to look at!

Our weather has been great and the grass is now recovered so the kids get to play on it!

Libi was so excited that cousin Morgan came to her school...

she told her all about her day...

and showed her some of the sights!

Then it was back to playing.

After school there was more fun with cousin Morgan-- they spent some time drawing,

"playing" with Tobee,


playing hopscotch,

and just being silly!

I ran a meal over to one of my MOPS sisters and Ron and I ran to Target (it was kind of nice to have a built in babysitter!)

When we got to Target this was the sight we saw. You know you're in Canyon Country when you see horses at Target and the riders are too busy drinking their Starbuck's to clean up after their animals :)

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