Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Livin' it up in Reno!!!

Ron began his day in the board meeting-- I met up with them for lunch and some picture taking. Here is Ron posing with all of the other appointed officers: Bob, Radon, Ron, Jack, a very sweet gal whose name I can't recall-- she works the CADA store at convention, Glen, Sandi, and Matt.

What did I do during my free time??? I took my scraps from scrapbooking and made cards to send to friends. It was kinda funny to have a little scrapbooking station in our hotel room, but it was much less expensive then shopping, gambling or a massage!

We ate dinner with the board in one of the hotel conference rooms. The food left much to be desired, but the company of our CADA family was priceless. Here is Ron with MJ and Janet-- two of our very dear friends that I got to know much better this year at CADA.

It was really nice to be able to spend so much time with the gang and not have to run off to entertain Miss Libs (which is the way I've spent the last three conventions!)

They are re-doing the hotel so floors 17 on up have a modern black decor. We stayed on floor 12 with the seizure inducing elevator doors and fiesta decor! Hopefully by the time we're back here in two years all of the floors will re-done!

Before bed I went down to the penny slots and hit it "big" on the Star Wars machine! My $19 win on this machine in the space of about 20 minutes allowed me to gamble the rest of the week and not lost any money! I even came home with $5 extra :)

I couldn't find any photos from Jammy and Granpa's house for today-- if I find some later, then I'll re-post.

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