Thursday, March 11, 2010

A super-de-duper exciting day!!

It is not only Community Helpers week at school, but Libi got to do her first share-day today!!

She excitedly brought Princess Aurora to show to her friends!

We tucked her safely away in Libi's cubby so she could start her day!

I hung around for a bit so as not to miss any of the helpers who were speaking today and I got to see how Libs acts at school.

For the most part she's a good friend and a pretty good sharer. She wants to hug everyone and play right along with them and that annoys some of her classmates. While I was there I witnessed a couple negative interactions between her and her friends-- mostly due to a lack of communication. Nothing serious enough that her teachers or I had to intervene.

The first helper for today was a Sheriff who talked to the kids about safety.

Libs was so excited to meet her!

She talked all about helmet safety, the importance of wearing your seatbelt, and my personal favorite, stranger danger. She had the kids practice what to do if someone tries to take them: yell "You're not my mom!!", run away, and tell a grownup. In this photo they are all yelling-- it was quite impressive!!!

The monkeys were the first to go see the patrol car.

Sheriff Laurie used Libi as her helper to name the colors of the siren lights.

Here's a sight we will hopefully only see once-- all the monkeys in the back of the patrol car.

They all received their own sheriff badge stickers after their "ride."

I suggested a class picture in front of the car-- sorry SCLP teachers, it's just my nature to get as many photo ops as I can!

I ran a few errands then returned for the second guest of the day-- the firemen!

Ron is convinced that I didn't want to get pictures of the kids-- I wanted pictures of the fireMEN!! He's so silly-- two of them were much too young and the captain was way too old for me :)

Libi and Solea got to sit together in the truck! Libs wasn't too certain about the whole thing.

Another Heather suggestion was a whole school photo in front of the truck!

When guests leave the kids do a darling "Thank you" song for them and give them a huge "Hip, hip, hooray!!"

One thing I was not aware of was that Libi now knows how to skip (sort of!) She and Miss Carol have been working on it during recess time. While I was there Libi led some of her classmates in "Skip to my Lou" around the bike path.

I stalled long enough to be able to stay for Libi's first share time.

I was so impressed with her poise, her clarity, and her willingness to share her toy with her friends.

Here is a link to see the video on YouTube-- it can only be viewed by 25 people so that should be enough for you all to see it.

I would like to apologize to Amy-- Libi lies and says that I gave her the doll. I think it was stage fright because she knows full well that you and Emma gave it to her. I even sent in photos of the day she received it.

She totally has a knack for public speaking-- thanks to her Daddy's influence!!

I'm so proud of my little princess and I think Miss Tasha is too :)!!!

Sadly after a 3.5 hour nap Libs woke up pulling on her ear, saying it hurts. She's not a complainer and with all of the folks I know who have kids with ear infections, I trusted my Mommy instincts and immediately called Dr. V. He was already out of the office for the day, but offered to return to take a look at her. Aren't we just the luckiest parents to have such an amazing pediatrician for Libs??? He took one look in her ear and said, "Yup, it's infected!!" So $15 in co-pay, $5 in antibiotics, $10 in a "feel-better-Princess-gift" we were back at home with a sad little Libi!

Poor little thing! She was thrilled that her medicine was pink... that to her equals princess medicine!! She tried to talk to Jammy but as soon as she got on the phone she burst into tears and said, "I want to talk to Granpa!!!!" (I guess that week together has bonded them for life!) She couldn't really talk to anyone cause she was sobbing!

Watching The Little Mermaid and cuddling with Daddy made it better... until they both drifted off to sleep! Hopefully the medicine will kick in and tomorrow will be better!

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