Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Easter Bunny came to School!!!

Today was the Easter celebration at SCLP.

Libi dressed the part...

and took a basket full of treats for her teachers.

She was so excited to hop into the building and deliver goodies to her teachers.

The other kids wanted treats too-- if I didn't think it would have gotten me into trouble with Miss Carole I would have sent in stuff for them too.

I didn't realize I captured this moment until I was looking through the pictures. Libi had just had her ball stolen by Natalie and she was SUPER upset!

After a quick pow-pow with Miss Tasha...

she got the ball back and all was well!

On our way home we discovered that our library was closed for remodeling. I was thrilled to see the bookmobile parked in the lot-- I have lots of great memories from visiting the bookmobile as a child. Sadly, this wasn't a typical bookmobile it was only for holds and they wouldn't even let us inside-- what a downer!

We went back home and took some end of the day photos with Libi's hand-made basket.

If you look closely at these shots you will notice a dress full of marinara sauce, a dirty face, and stained knees from searching the grass for eggs...

you will also see one very happy girl who loves life!

Just in case you couldn't see it very well here is the milk jug basket that Libi made-- so sweet!

Date: April 1, 2010

Outside my window: A great spring day!

I am wearing: Jeans

I am going: To get ready for Easter

I am hoping: To find some gifts for Ron’s birthday

I am creating: Not much these days

I am hearing: Lots of excitement about Easter

I am watching: Lots of Bravo

I am loving: Continuing/coming up with family traditions

On my mind: Wondering if I will be able to be alone with Libi for a week while Ron is on the East Coast

Pondering these words: Ron’s humor as he accepted his award—I love that guy!

From the kitchen: Lots of Easter candy for gifts

Around the house: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

One of my favorite things: Did I mention chocolate???

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