Sunday, April 18, 2010

My favorite PA food...

We slept in a bit by east coast standards (not by west coast) and didn't really get moving until about 10 a.m.

We began our lazy morning at my favorite place in PA-- Cracker Barrel. Now they have them in other states-- none close to CA-- so I have to get my fix when I'm in town. The food is great AND they have a really fun store!

Libi instantly was drawn to the rocking chairs they have outside.

She was so excited that they were her size!

She tried out every one they had, but kept coming back to this particular one.

Aunt Linda joined us for breakfast-- I got to hear so many great stories about my Grandmom that I wished I had been recording our conversation.

While we waited Libi busied herself with one of the peg games they keep on the tables. She made up her own rules and tried to get us to play along, but we just couldn't figure out how she wanted us to play.

We all enjoyed an amazing breakfast and I even got to steal Libi's bottle of syrup to bring home!

Afterwards we did some shopping at Target (God bless that store!) for some things we forgot at home and then it was back to the hotel. Libi was too riled up to sleep so there was no nap today-- yikes!

At 4 p.m. the whole family congregated for dinner at Dallas diner. It is one of the families favorite spots to meet (not necessarily mine, but I took one for the team!)

It was great for Libi to spend more time with her great aunts and uncles and her cousins.

Uncle Ed, Aunt Lisa and the girls gave Libi some Fancy Nancy stuff for her Birthday/Christmas and it helped to make dinner more interesting.

Happily everyone was a good sport about trying on the hat, crown and tiara...

even Uncle Bill. I do have a darling photo of him in the purple hat, but I was told that if I published it I would be in BIG trouble, so I'm respecting his wishes!

Aunt Linda is now calling Uncle Mitch, Uncle Grumpy-- which confused poor Libs... until they showed her that he was wearing a Grumpy shirt!

It was a long meal to sit through but Libs was great! When things got too dull for her, she just read through her books!

Cousin Liz was totally taken with little Libi!

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at my favorite ice cream joint EVER--- Dairy Delite.

They have the most AMAZING soft serve vanilla ice cream-- YUM!!!

I always get mine in a cup with rainbow sprinkles... did I mention that their sprinkles are amazing too??

Libi was uber lucky-- not only did she get her cone to eat, but Jammy kept spooning her sundae into her mouth!

Back at the hotel there was much dressing up with her new outfits.

There were skirts,



the works!!!

All of these new clothes made dancing to Princess and the Frog all that much more enjoyable!

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