Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to School part 3

Today Libs and I were both back at SCLP. Today I finally took her photo for the "movie" and guess who was the most uncooperative of all the kids? Yep, mine!

It was bug week at school this week so she went to school in her finest lady-bug dress.

Speaking of ladybugs-- they just released a bunch into the garden on campus. The new favorite pass-time of all the kids is to look among the leaves and find them.

While Libi was in school, I went to a MOPS meeting. It was all about next year-- and they finally are having a cool theme!

Sadly I think I am leaving this group of women! This year didn't go as I (or many of my sisters) had hoped. Nobody is listening to me-- not the leadership, not the church-- and my spirit is beaten down. I am going to hope for the best for them next year, but don't think I want to be a part of a sinking ship.

The monkeys were late getting out to the yard, so I got a shot of them running to catch up to the other kids.

Miss Sabrina made a special appearance at school today-- Libi is always excited when she comes to visit.

When I went to sign Libs out I noticed her painting on the wall. Her caterpillar kind of looks like a green mack truck, but I still think it's cute.

When Libs got up from nap she found a nice surprise waiting for her-- a purple sparkly skirt and a Tiana shirt!

Not only was it sparkly, but it was a good twirling skirt!

She put it on and asked for the Princess and the Frog movie to dance to.

Lastly today, I'm pleased to report that Libi is still smitten with her little dress-able princess dolls. They have a thousand tiny pieces, but thus far she is really good about putting them all away when she's done! Let's hope the trend continues!

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