Thursday, April 22, 2010

Staff Appreciation Week

We missed much of SCLP's staff appreciation week due to our travels so we had to give lots of loving on the staff today!

Libi was so proud to head back to school to tell Miss Tasha all about our trip (and to show her how pretty her pink nails looked!)

When I went to sign Libs out I found this picture that she made on the wall of her classroom-- I'm still loving all of the artwork she does.

The weather here has been pretty overcast-- a huge change from the gorgeous weather in Philly.

Libi was super happy to be back with her friends and I was grateful for a few hours to decompress. I have been in quite a funk since we came home-- I'm tired, having trouble with MOPS, and a bit melancholy so I need an attitude adjustment. Perhaps a good night's sleep will help :)

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