Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grandmom's Memorial Service

We woke up to a completely gorgeous day-- perfect for honoring a remarkable woman.

Libi wore an outfit made by her Great-Grandmother that I wore many years ago...

it was quite a nice tribute.

The funeral home really did a nice job. The room was full of pictures of Grandmom, places for folks to leave remembrances, and flowers.

Libi was especially touched that Great-Grandmom gave her a flower...

actually there were three bouquets-- one from her children, one from the grandchildren and a single rose from her great-granddaughter.

We got some really nice family pictures after the services. Here are Dorothy's children: Linda, Bill, Helen and Ed.

Next are the spouses that were in attendance: Mitch, Lori, and Lisa-- we will have to Photoshop Dad in :)

Next all of the grand kids: Morgan, me, Elizabeth, and Libi.

Next it was off Uncle Bill's church for a nice luncheon. It was great that so many cousins came to celebrate Grandma. Mom really enjoyed seeing everyone-- hopefully we will all stay in better contact.

The lunch was yummy-- Libi really appreciated all of the pickles and fruit.

She also loved the home-made cake. Sadly it wasn't made by Cousin Bob who used to own a bakery and makes the best cake in the whole world, but since Libi has never experienced his cake she didn't know what she was missing.

As the self-appointed family historian I took a bunch of photos....

as did my assistant.

I did my famous one-armed photos of me with all of the Harrigans: Uncle Ed,

Aunt Linda,


and Uncle Bill.

Libs did a great job of entertaining herself and getting entertained trough the lunch.

Everyone commented on how cute she is... but we already knew that :)

Grandma would have loved seeing everyone getting along and reminiscing about old times.

After nap time we all met up for one last family dinner at Friendly's. It was super crowded so we couldn't even sit together.

Libi and I sat with Uncle Mitch, Aunt Linda, Aunt Lori and Uncle Bill...

but we still managed to spend quality time with the other table.

We needed to print our boarding passes so we headed to Bensalem to Uncle Ed's house.

Libi was thrilled to meet their bunnies which Morgan told us all about when she visited last month.
While it was a great visit I am ready to head home!

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