Saturday, April 24, 2010

An evening full of fun...

It was such a beautiful night out that we decided to eat outside.

Ron made a lovely dinner of BBQ'd tri tip and buttered pasta.

Libi was really excited about eating in the yard....

and Tobee was hoping to join us!

By the time we went inside the moon was out over the palm trees...

time for some movie fun!

We finally got to the movie theater to see Casey's movie!

We don't often get to our local theater so this was a treat!

Libi loved seeing all of the posters for coming movies-- we are all excited about Toy Story 3.

Grammy met us for the flick-- which was a great surprise for Miss Libs!

The movie was a bit intense at times for Libs, but we all enjoyed the message and the dragon, Toothless!

Our final stop at the night was Coldstone.

Libi chose the chocolate strawberry flavor which she wore well.

We had a major meltdown when poor Libi dripped onto her dress. You would think that the world was coming to an end with the crying that occurred.

Ron made everything better hugging Libi and then showing her how well our stain fighter works as he threw her dress into the washer.
I have to say that these photos are priceless to me as she doesn't melt too often and usually I'm holding her so I can't get the shot.

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