Saturday, April 17, 2010

A day of traveling...

This morning we got up much too early and loaded into the car to LAX.

Libi, Mom and I are headed back east for my Grandmother's services.

It was nice to be spending some time together and great to be seeing family, but it would be nice if it weren't for a sad occasion.

Security at LAX was awful so our flight was held for the almost thirty passengers stuck there. It actually ended up being a blessing because Libi got to sit in the cockpit...

and meet our pilot and co-pilot. She was really excited that she got this special treatment (and that her Pinocchio doll and Aurora doll got to come with her!)

On the plane there was lots of silliness,


and reading to fill the time.

Libs was also fascinated with the emergency card-- she made up lots of stories of what the people were doing. None of them involved plunging to their death or escaping plummeting air craft-- ahh to be three and be blissfully unaware.

We put Libi in the middle seat for comfort, but she did enjoy sitting on Jammy's lap to look out the window.

Grammy let us borrow her portable DVD player which works great on long flights-- especially when you haven't gotten your fix of Princess and the Frog yet today!

We had loads for Libi to do so she didn't get bored! When we were disembarking in Detroit the couple in front of us complimented Libi on her behavior-- it was what every mother loves to hear!

The Detroit airport was really cool! They had houses for the kids to play in to blow off steam..

and a tram that is very similar to Disneyland's! The only problem for our gate was that food was so far away, but Jammy was resourceful and found us something to eat before our next flight boarded.

Before we were even off the ground, Lib was out!

She missed some beautiful scenery outside the plane...

but I was thrilled that she slept the ENTIRE flight!!!

One we got into our hotel we all got comfy...

Libs hopped right up on the bed and made herself at home.

When we unpacked our checked luggage she found the princess costume and shoes I put in for her to use in our hotel room and they were instantly put on. What a fashion statement :)

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