Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pre-Easter festivities...

Jammy and Granpa drove down today. They left super early so Granpa was in need of a nap.

When there's an active three year-old around you need to be on your toes.

Poor Dad was absolutely covered in every toy that Libi could find. It was super amusing and he was a really good sport!

After Libi and Jammy napped it was time for dinner with Nana and Pop.

Libi has been really enjoying this piece of fabric-- being a ghost, a princess, using it as a prayer shawl.

Ron and I left to grab pizza for dinner and Mom got these gems-- Libi helping Granpa to get into the music...

and holding hands with her Pop and Granpa.

Love that my girl is still so cuddly!!

Poor baby bit her cheek during dessert and cried and cried. Only Mommy could make it better.... and watching "Friend like me" on Daddy's phone!

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