Thursday, April 29, 2010

A day with Tobee...

Lately Miss Tobee hasn't gotten a great deal of our attention. She has also been acting out when we leave the house-- eating food off the counter, shredding tooth brushes, and tearing up whatever she can find.

Today she and I spent the entire morning together while Libi was in school-- it was nice for both of us. As a special treat I even took her to SCLP to grab Libi. She had to sit in the car when I went in, but she was on her best behavior!

It's so funny now when I go on campus-- all of the kids know me by name and they smile for my camera because they think they are going to be in a movie.

The weather was gorgeous, but cold!

Outside time was at a minimum because of the biting cold wind.

Libi has been working on her throwing, catching and kicking lately. She's becoming quite the athlete.

Libi was so happy to have a special visitor waiting in the car for her.

On the way home Libi was in rare form!

She kept saying the same thing over and over...

and then cracking herself up! I wish I knew what was so funny!

Tonight we had dinner with our dear friend Russ Peak. He is in town to do a show in Castaic and asked to stay with us tonight. Libi loves her Uncle Russ-- especially when he brings princess jewelry with him!

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