Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny left LOTS of swag at our house-- even if Libi (and Mommy) forgot to leave any carrots out for him.

We invited the family over for our egg hunt this morning. We were super surprised when Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet came-- Daddy got confused and told us they weren't able to come!

Libi loved EVERYTHING the bunny left especially some new DVDs.

Libi was super excited about her candy. When she woke up this morning the first thing she said to Jammy was, "I want some candy." I guess she understands that on holidays normal eating habits go out the window.

In the middle of opening things Libi had to take a dance break.

Next it was time to hunt for the eggs the E.B. "hid."

Libi was an expert looker...

and she made quick work of her six eggs...

while the family looked on.

We then took a breakfast break before family portraits.

We are so happy that Aunt Violet is back from UCSC!

The Ippolito's got one serious photo-- the rest involved bunny ears, Grampy faces, and Libi turned backwards.

Grammy, Grampy and Libi snuggled against the rather chilly air.

Love, love, love this picture of Libs with her Jammy and Granpa!

Here's the Borsting side of the family.

At this point Libi had had it with smiling-- hence this super cheesy grin!

We even managed a photo of the two sisters together!

Post nap it was off to another hunt at Nana and Pop's house. This time the EB hid two baskets full of treats.

It was a bit of a challenge to find both of them, but Libi pursued!

Her baskets here were filled with lots of fun things and MORE CANDY!! She was beyond thrilled!

Jammy and Granpa also had some Easter treats including the new Jan Brett Easter Egg book..

and a Princess Piano book-- notice a princess theme this holiday?

Pop helped Libi find some gorgeous flowers in the yard. We spent much of our afternoon watching Libi pass out the flowers, collect them and then pass them out again.

We couldn't leave before more family portraits. Nana is never a fan of photos, but Mom did manage to get this good one.

Sadly there was a cheesy smile with Pop-- we are working on not doing this for pictures.

Our silly girl even convinced Granpa and Pop to hold hands with her-- what they won't do for their little girl!

After naptime, Jammy and Granpa's departure, and lots of packing for Daddy it was off to the Limon Easter. Libi found Cousin Bridget's piano. she opened up the music book and played and played. It really looked like she knew what she was doing-- perhaps we have a piano virtuoso in our midst!

For this party Libi wore her rabbit hat that barely squished onto her head.

At this point I left the party to take Ron to Rio Norte. I left my camera with Aunt Andrea and this is what happened :) Apparently the cousins challenged Libi to eat her carrot and banana at the same time. I'm not sure what else they asked her to do but on the way home she kept saying, "You're killing me!" which I'm not really crazy about.

Another activity that super, over-protective Mommy would have stopped was the playing of lawn darts. No appendages were lost so I guess I simply need to be quiet!

Everyone had a great time if you see all of the smiles in the photos Andrea took...

"Don't worry Aunt Andrea, I won't tell Mommy what we did while she was gone!"

Happy Easter from the Limon's!

Meanwhile, Ron was getting all of his either graders ready for their east coast trip.

One final hug and kiss....

then the kids got loaded onto the bus and they were off. If you want to follow his adventures you can look at his blog.


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Happy Easter to you! It looks like a fun filled time (as always)!

Andrea said...

Ok, first off...Libi was eating the carrot and banana on her own. No cousins "challenged" her. Second, she barely picked up the lawn darts, I took the picture knowing you would have a fit, and then asked her to please step away =) No harm, no fowl. And as far as her saying "you're killing me", I have NO idea where that came from. I don't remember anybody saying that. Booya