Monday, April 19, 2010

Please Touch Museum...

This morning we decided to head into the city for some sight seeing.

We had breakfast in the car-- Libi ate her healthy apple while Mom and I had some Tasty Cakes.

We arrived at the Please Touch Museum...

which is housed in this gorgeous building in Fairmount Park.

Libi was excited to meet all of the blue men out front.

We had never been to this museum so we weren't sure what to expect.

Another special surprise before we even made it into the building was meeting the Philly Phanatic (at least a statue of him!)

Once we got inside there were a thousand things for Libi to do! The first thing she found was the bus where she got to drive.

We all posed in the statue of Liberty cutouts-- aren't we cute?

Throughout the museum there were cases of toys for the kids (and parents) to drool over.

In the art center they were painting today and Libi had to get in on the action.

Here is her finished masterpiece which she exclaimed was for "Granpa!"

After some running around a girl needs some quiet time. I love that Libi needs her quiet time-- because her Mama does too!

There was still lots more to do so we headed back into the exhibit hall.

We were stopped by the drum circle taking place in the park-- our girl just can't skip out on a chance to create music.

Jammy bought Libi a ticket to ride the carousel...

she selected the cat to ride on.

We both enjoyed our ride!

They had a new exhibit about trees with a section where the kids get to be on TV in costumes. Libi was a huge fan of this section! She dressed up as a hawk and had a bird hat on for a while too.

They also had a bunch of magnifying glasses to look at acorns closer...

this was also lots of fun for my very inquisitive little girl.

One of the most fun for both of us was the floor piano from "Big." Libi loved walking the scales over and over.

They had a "Micken Donalds"-- aka McDonald's area that the kids could pretend to work in. Libi couldn't wait to get in there-- she saw it from upstairs and kept asking to head that way. Her smile says it all when she finally got her hands on the cash register.

Our little shoe maven also enjoyed the shoe shop. She fitted Jammy for some shoes...

and picked these out for herself!!! She has good taste AND they matched her outfit :)

There was also a baby hospital where we got to take care of some newborns-- Dr. Libi made sure they were all healthy.

We were just explaining to Libi a few weeks ago about how a wheel barrow works and today she got to experience it herself!

At the Please Touch Museum even Mommy gets to experience things. Libi pointed out to us that this scooter was right out of "Ratatouille"-- she's so observant!

My favorite display was the Alice in Wonderland section.

Inside Libi got to paint the roses red,

dress up like Alice,

and have a tea party with Mommy,

Jammy, the March Hare, and the Mad Hatter! All of the items in this section were so whimsical and fun to play with.

Our final stop was the water section (which coincidentally is right as you enter-- but Mommy asked to wait until the end of the day so we weren't wet during our entire visit.)

There were boats, currents, clouds that rained, and lots of water toys.

While Jammy and I took turns at the restroom a soggy Libi (note her knees) played in the snack cart.

A few moments in the car and she was OUT! Today was the only day of our visit that Libs actually took a good nap. It began in the car and was finished in the hotel room. Hopefully once we get back on Pacific Coast time her schedule will resume.

On the drive to the hotel we saw lots of things that are distinctly Philly: 1) Cool art. I just loved this Ben sign that we passed.

2) Lots of gorgeous spires of churches in the middle of the city.

3) Fab. 3-D signage. Mom couldn't understand why I was taking this photo until she saw the extension cord.

We all got a good nap before dinner with Aunt Linda and Uncle Mitch at Uno Restaurant.

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

What a fun museum! Looks like you had a full day. And a great trip.