Friday, April 23, 2010

Family Fun Night at SCLP

Tonight we headed to SCLP for a night of fun with all of our friends.

We got to see the Strassner's and the Maxwell's-- two families we haven't been able to get together with much lately.

They had seeds for planting...

so Libi and I planted wildflowers...

while Daddy set up the big screen. You see a while ago I volunteered our family to bring our outdoor movie set up to the school-- not knowing that it would fall on this most crazy of weeks. I spent all day today working on a movie full of photos of the kids from the first day of school right through to today (yep-- I was in the classroom taking photos this morning!)

In all of this craziness I didn't grab dinner for our family-- we kept telling Libs that we would eat later. Happily Wendy saved me and let Libs mooch off of her. She fed Libs watermelon, carrots, and celery-- I am forever indebted to her!

Libi spent a lot of her time playing with Solea.

Ron was quite the attraction once he started to set things up.

After all of his hard work in getting things set up to watch the film outside we had two problems: 1) It wasn't getting dark fast enough 2) The projector wasn't playing the movie-- they were incompatible. Therefore Ron had to scramble and move EVERYTHING inside while I was in a panic turning my 250 photos into a slide show.

I am pleased to report that with a few hiccups the movie was well received-- many moms cried and the kids were so excited to see themselves! Next year we will do things differently, but live and learn :)

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