Sunday, April 25, 2010

Poppy Fields

This morning the little princess was busy playing with all of her toys.

She has been really fascinated with Christmas DVD's lately and she informed me that she made a fruit snowman. "But it doesn't have arms or a face." Love that creativity!

We decided to go on a family outing to the Poppy Reserve today.

We knew we were getting close when we started to see lots of orange.

We're here!!!

The line to get in was pretty long, but Libi was napping so we didn't mind.

It gave Ron a chance to take this artistic shot where you can see the poppies reflected in my sunglasses.

Ta-da we are here!!!

We decided to take one of the paths less traveled into the reserve.

The trail was perfect for us-- it wasn't too long or too hilly!

We are having a little trouble getting Lou to look at the camera these days...

but the photos still came out cute?

She was a bit more open to a picture with Daddy.

The poppies were amazing! They are all fully open and blowing in the breeze.

Libs loved them-- commenting on their orange color. We had to very specifically tell her that you can't pick these because that is what she thinks flowers are for.

Sorry for the million photos, but I couldn't decide what I liked best :)

I'm so proud that Libi is starting to follow in our footsteps and ask to take photos!

There were purple wildflowers mixed in which made this shot super pretty!

It was a little breezy, but nowhere near the gale-force winds that met us when we tried to see the poppies with the Strassner's!

It is a bit tough to see in this photo, but this is why I love southern California. We were in the dessert surrounded by wildflowers when off in the distance there was snow on the mountains.

Many of my friends went to the poppies during Spring Break and they were in bloom then so I wasn't sure if they'd still be blooming today, but they were AMAZING!!!

I remembered that the paths were paved so I put Libs in the wrong shoes! When you take the lesser traveled paths they are dirt. Whoops!!! All my years of Girl Scout training have taught me better :)

I love this shot of our state flower with the state flag!

We did manage to coax some nice folks passing by us to take a family photo.

They got a couple of really cute ones!

Ron and I also took one of our famous arm-length shots.

I think this shot should be a post card! Great job Ron!!!

If you've never been I would recommend spending a few hours at the reserve!

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Simply gorgeous! And Libi was dressed perfectly, of course!