Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun around town...

This morning I caught our state bird hanging out in our backyard.

Nana and Pop canceled on our visit today since there was a doctor's appointment. Nana hasn't been feeling well lately so we hope that the doctor can help her out. When I told Libi that we weren't going to see them she said, "I want to kiss Nana and make her better." My sweet love!

The clouds are supposed to roll in today and the view from the yard confirms that.

We had a slow start to our morning: breakfast, playing with dolls, and catching up with Playhouse Disney.

Ron got Libi a mini Etch-a-Sketch for our trip back east.

Libs has been spending lots of time drawing on it.

Today she made a perfect square on it!

I tried to get a picture of it, but that glare didn't let me. At least her little face is cute.

We went to Rio Norte for a quick visit with Daddy in between testing.

Libi found some packing peanuts to play with.

They made a horrible sound, but they filled our time there.

Tonight was one of our final Skipper Clubs-- only two more to go. At this point in the year I'm always ready to have my Wednesday nights back, no matter how much I love my kids!

They moved the Skippers to the front of the room so they could see all the sign language-- finally!

When she's in front on the stage she is a very focused performer!!!

Her sign language is improving every week!

Tonight we had milk and cookies for snack-- it was a good night at PC.

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