Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Hailey!

To help us fill the day until Daddy got home we went to Hailey's 2nd Birthday party. Happily for Mommy they had a bouncer to tire Libi out so she could stay up with me to go pick up Ron at 11 p.m. tonight.

It's so funny to me that this time last year when Hailey had a bouncer at her party Libi was super tentative about going in and this year I had to drag her out of it!

When too many big kids got in the bouncer I pulled Libi out and we went to play in their backyard. My daughter was the first child to put the sand into the water on the sand and water table (later in the day she also tried to drink the sandy water), causing her to get in trouble, leading to....

this face!!! Poor Auntie Janice wanted to intercede but she bit her tongue and let Mommy be a meanie! I have to say that this is one of my favorite photos of Libi EVER!!!! She is such a good girl and I know that I am hard on her! My daughter is just like me and the poor thing just hates to be in trouble. Hopefully she will maintain her goody-two-shoes-ness well into her teen years.

To help her feel better Aunt Janice suggested that she try Hailey's brand new drum set. My little musician loved them!!!

She also loved being Hailey's singing pianist when it was her turn on the drums.

Aunt Janice and Libi played Ring Around the Rosie in the bouncer...

and Aunt Janice stuck her in the basketball hoop!

They had an egg hunt for the kids...

then it was time for cake!!

While the big kids ate cake we snuck back into the bouncer. This time Libi went in with Marsha's kids. Marsha and I were best friends from 7th-9th grade. Her mom works at SCLP and so she and I get to see each other often.

Marsha's daughter Leah and Libi held hands and bounced around. It reminds me of how dear Marsha was to me when I was younger!

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