Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Ron!

No, this wasn't my gift to the birthday boy-- it was from the first MOPS fashion show which was held today! It was a fun event that was enjoyed by all of the ladies.

With so much going on I totally forgot that it was spring photo day today at school, so I sent Libi to school wearing this:

a wrinkly shirt and sweat pants!

But her hair looked cute... at least tell me her hair looked cute!

I don't know why I was so worried about it, the photos they took of Libi and the beginning of the year were so bad that we didn't buy a single one!!! Maybe I will get to try again tomorrow when we come to take photos for the slide show?

Libi is still good chums with Madison who is the daughter of a gal I used to work with at Mint. So cute!

Ben looked dapper for picture day.... and Madison looked darling... I was the only Mom who dropped the ball and sent her daughter in looking ragged!

You may notice a nice red mark on Libi's cheek-- she was walking up the slide and fell off it. As Ron says, "It's karma!" You break the rules and the universe punishes you-- Mommy doesn't even need to!

For Ron's birthday festivities we began by voting in our city council elections. Libi has gone with us to vote ever since she could walk we are hoping that she will realize that it is a super important privilege that we have here in the United States and it shouldn't be taken lightly-- even city council elections!!!

Next Ron requested dinner at Pei Wei because he was craving P.F. Chang's but he didn't want to drive into the valley. We simply love their won-tons-- they are heaven!

Libi just loves her Daddy (and consequently so do I!!!) I can't believe that he's 35 today-- I still think of him as the 16 year old I met at CHS!

After dinner there was dancing-- with Libi there is always dancing.

Ron's birthday cake was a red velvet-- not the best we've ever had, but it was OK.

We celebrated Aunt Andrea's birthday a day early because we knew we wouldn't see her tomorrow. I love Libi's hand-painted cards for each of them.

Ron got a lot of nice gifts...

and Libi helped unwrap them.

It was nice that Ron's family took the time out on a Tuesday to help him ring in a new year.

Libi also helped Aunt Andrea open her gifts....

and Daddy blow out his candles.

A family photo for the birthday boy...

before the start of Glee!!!! It was such a perfect day for the show to come back on-- Ron was telling everyone it was just for him! I am uber excited for the Madonna episode next week!

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