Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to School?

Yep! It was another morning at SCLP. I am creating a slide show for the family picnic next week so I have been on a mission to get a photo of every child for the project.

At first I told the kids I was photographing them for a slide show and they looked at me like I was speaking in Greek. When I changed my story and told them that I was making a movie and I wanted them to be in it for their parents to see, their little faces lit up!

One perk of this is that Libi gets a second chance at Spring pictures. She wore her new monkey outfit from Jammy and Granpa and looked darling!

I got to witness lots of the morning rituals that most parents miss-- it was very fun!

They have some really fun songs that the kids sing and dance to-- they are on records. YEP! I said records-- very old school.

Libi did the calendar today before I finished up-- she did it perfectly, counting all the way to fourteen and reading the days of the week. I was very impressed :)

In the evening it was again time for Skipper Club. Tonight we talked about praying (or for our clientele talking to God.) I love this picture where Paige and Libi look so angelic.

We made prayer posters. Libi's poster had a picture of our family, Miss Piggy, and broccoli among other things.

Here is the Skipper Team for the year: Hailey, me, Lynnette, and Kiana. We have had a good time this year!

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