Friday, April 30, 2010

A day at the museum...

This morning Libi and I braved three different freeways to head down to the LA Museum of Natural history.

We were supposed to be joined by some MOPS friends, but we were stood up. It's probably better that we were alone since Libi was experiencing the beginning of an allergy attack.

We decided to spend a few hours exploring all the museum has to offer. Our first stop was the Pavilion of Wings.

Libi was so excited to see all of these critters up close-- she has been studying bugs in school for the past two weeks.

Libi even wore her floral dress to attract butterflies, but none landed on either of us.

I won't bore you with all of my butterfly photos-- I'll just make a collage of all of the best ones :)

Now it is off to the main museum!

There are some dinosaurs in the lobby, but Libs wouldn't stand next to them...

so we did it together!

They are doing a major renovation on the museum, so there wasn't a lot to see. One of the first exhibits we saw was one on California history. Libi was very excited to see the Native American huts ("They look like Big Bad Wolf houses"), the explorers ships ("From Peter Pan!"), and all of the farm equipment ("I want to be a firefighter when I'm big!") I think it's funny that so many of her comments were Disney related-- that's my girl!!!

Next it was off to see more bugs.

I'm not a fan of the creepy crawly, but for the sake of Libi's preschool education and her recent interest in bugs we looked at EVERY single terrarium!

Libi found the Nemo fish right away...

and a "Daddy and baby turtle!" She also informed me that she was going to do this to Daddy when he gets home.

At noon there was a special Dino Experience show-- we couldn't miss that. Libi was a bit apprehensive at first, but when we talked about other dinosaurs we knew (Rex from Toy Story) and how nice they were she got very brave.

There were a bunch of very noisy school groups around us...

but our very well behaved daughter sat with her hands crossed in her lap. I was so very proud!

The T-Rex came out and he was really cool!

They do a little show and he walks around and grunts at all the kids.

It was a fun day, but Libi was getting quite drippy so we headed home for a nap.

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