Saturday, May 1, 2010

Madison's Princess Party

Libi's friend Madison shares her birthday with Jammy!

Today we were lucky enough to get to go to Madison's princess party to help her celebrate.

There was tons of princess-y stuff to do-- making crowns, getting nails painted,

playing Princess and the Frog games,

spending time with other princesses,

and helping the Disney princesses find a room in the castle.

The most exciting part for the girls was the pink cupcakes and ice cream!

I can't believe that Madison is 4 already! How time flies!

We are so blessed to have the Shaver's in our lives!

The big finale was the princess pinata.

None of the girls could break it so Pastor John had to step in. They didn't need any help gathering up the candy though!

One pretty picture with all the girls before it was time to go home.

One picture with a frustrated birthday girl--- it's hard to not be able to play with your toys right away!

Posing with Dora in the driveway and then home for a nap!

Here is another installment of the Simple Woman's Daybook for this first day of May:

Date: May 1, 2010

Outside my window: Gorgeous weather

I am wearing: Princess pink for Madison’s party

I am going: To the Shaver’s home

I am hoping: To sing to Mom today on her birthday

I am creating: A great deal of mess--- lots of end of the year projects under way here

I am hearing: Someone asking for cake. (For the record it’s Libi not me!)

I am watching: The new season of Glee—love that show!!!

I am loving: The fact that it will soon be summer and we can have more family time

On my mind: I will be leaving MOPS. Not sure if it’s a happy moment or a sad one.

Pondering these words: Stacy Herb sent me a very wise note. Lots to think about.

From the kitchen: Dishes, lots of dirty dishes

Around the house: Dress up stuff everywhere!

One of my favorite things: Date nights with my hubby. I wish I had more of them (hint, hint!)

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