Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Final Skipper Club

Today the weather was HOT!!!! Not for Libi who was chilling in the pool but for her Mommy who was sweating in the direct sun next to the pool!

She still has the most expressive toes of any child I know.

Time to splash!

Look at that form.

Miss Karen's favorite phrase is "Give me five and say I did it!"

Today began the jumping into the pool.

Last year Libi wouldn't jump out and she nearly knocked herself out on the wall of the pool...

this year is doesn't seem to be an issue!!

Floating is still a work in progress, but she'll get it!

It was our final Skipper Club tonight! Miss Lynnette and I got the room all set up and ready for the kids.

I did enjoy the year, but I think I need a break.

We had a nice diner with Lynnette, Christine and the kids.

Here are three of my favorite girls-- Paige, Elyz and goofy Miss Libs!

After a very short meeting in our classroom where the kids got their gifts and had ice cream we were off to the big ceremony in the church. It's hard to keep the two and three year olds quiet and in a line so there was much climbing and crawling going on while we waited.

Here are all my Skipper kids and their families. Thanks for being so good to us this year!

The Skippers stole the show when they sang their song!

"Thy Word" is the Pioneer Club theme I think and the kids love singing it!

I think this is Libi's favorite part about Pioneer Club because she gets to perform on a stage-- she is so her Daddy's daughter!

When the kids were called up to receive their mission awards Libi wasn't having it.

First she stood with her back to the audience...

then she just had a pouty face on. Not sure what prompted this, but I was right there to capture it. I can't wait to show these to her when she's older :)

Thanks Miss Ellen for doing whatever we needed to make the first two years of Skipper Club so successful!

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