Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A different kind of Moms and muffins, school, swimming, and cupcakes!

This morning Libi and I got a late start, but I got her off to school in time for me to meet up with one of my dear friends for breakfast!
Dolly and I enjoyed a morning of muffins from the very tasty Mimi's! For those of you ever need a gift for me-- just throw me a Mimi's bran muffin or two and I'm in heaven!!!!You might be wondering why all these fabulously posed pictures of us with our food. Well you see our third member of this Mommy Club, Miss Amy, had to work, so we texted her photos from our adventures to include her.
I don't know if it included Amy as much as it made her wish she was with us and not at school.
Our final stop was Michael's to get some more Xyron adhesive-- I'm currently only 3 pages away from my personal goal of 100 so I'm still behaving as far as buying consumable stuff :)

For afternoon recess today the weather was sunny but a tiny bit chilly. To celebrate the start of spring they had story time outside which I love! I wanted to sit on the lawn and listen to "If you give a moose a muffin" with all the kids :)

Libi is still infatuated with that darn red ball.

I wanted a picture of her with the ball... but she wanted to play catch.

Here she is throwing the ball directly at my camera. Nice shot, huh?

I was playing catch with Libi when this little boy came over. I included him in our game, but he took the ball and left. Causing Libi to be very sad. She followed him around the yard asking, pleading, begging for her ball back. Eventually he got tired of being followed by her and he gave it back. Thank goodness!

For swimming today we were on our own... private lessons are the BEST!

Today both arms were in use, but she decided to use frog legs in place of good kicks.

There was lots of time spent in the deep end!

Once she got her legs back in the game she really started to move across the pool.

She's even pulling her head out of the water nice and high! She doesn't always take a breath, but she sure gets her head up high!

In the evening I was off to Clarice's to make some cupcakes!

I was so happy to find a few friends signed up as well! Here is Claire...

Mary Jo...

and me with our creations!

The classroom at Clarice's is full of cake pans and every sign about chocolate you've ever seen!

The cupcakes were really sweet this time!

Happily there were a few bug ones and monkey shaped one which will be perfect for my little monkey to enjoy!

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Amy said...

Ha! Ha! Thanks for including me. It was very hard to get anything done with my phone chiming food and shopping pictures. :-)