Friday, May 21, 2010

A day of art...

Libi and I have been running all over town the past few weeks. Today we had the chance to go to Traveltown with some MOPS friends. Libi woke up on the late side and I wasn't in the mood to wake her up, so by the time she arose we would have had to get dressed and eat breakfast in the car to make it on time. I gave Libi the choice of either seeing the trains or having a craft day at home. I was really guessing that she would say the trains, but she didn't!!!

Our first arts and crafts activity was to do some lacing cards that Libi received for her birthday.

They've been living in her closet until I thought she was ready for them. She did a really good job with it and she loved all of the different outfits the bear could wear.

Next we made some home-made play-doh.

This is the best stuff ever!!! It is perfectly squishy and it smells amazing-- due to the fact that it was colored and flavored by Kool Aid packets.

I am willing to share the recipe-- as it's all made with stuff you have around the house-- just shoot me an e-mail :)

There was lots of silliness with the dough...

and Mommy made a butterfly-- which was promptly destroyed after this photo.

So far craft day was a huge success!!!

Before nap there was much singing-- Libi can even identify Neil Diamond songs :) Insert happy mommy dance here!!

While Libi was napping I got a text from Amy inviting us to dinner at Chili's-- after a day at home Libi and I jumped at the chance to head out.

This was my attempt at a family picture of the Strassner's. Howard isn't looking and Libi is inserting herself into their family-- not to mention all of the dirty dishes on the table-- it wasn't my best!

When it came time for our photo, Libi asked for funny faces and we were happy to oblige!

This might be my favorite photo of the night-- Emma, Amy and Ben all doing silly faces-- while Howard is too cool to join in :) We will get him eventually!!!

Before bed we made red dough and there was more art time-- what a fun day!


dolly said...

HEY!! Kids and I went to Chili's on Friday too. Love the silly faced family pictures!!

Amy said...

I love it!! Yes, we will get Howard...