Monday, May 10, 2010

Back to the pool....

Happily the weather warmed a little for swimming this morning. It also helped that Miss Karen's pool is heated!

Here is a great picture of the one-armed swimmer. For some reason today Libi chose to swim with one arm only-- which doesn't help with speed or direction.

She is just starting to really look at the camera when asked to... So hopefully our family pictures will start looking better.

When Nick was swimming Libi took the time to practice her kicks-- so much for resting on the steps.

Today Libi swam across the entire deep end with one breath in the middle!

This picture just cracks me up... Libi looks so excited and Nick looks petrified! That was pretty much the way they looked any time they were in the pool together.

Here is Libi's form before the dive...

and after!

Finally by the end of the day the swimming whisperer, Miss Karen, got Libi to use both arms!

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