Friday, May 7, 2010

Moms and Muffins

Today I was able to attend my first Moms and Muffins at SCLP.

Libi looked so sweet in her little white dress with her hair in twisted braids!

It was so fun to see all the kids and their moms enjoying a morning together.

Libi's hair looked so cute...

until she started sticking her hand through the holes and she pulled one side out. Whoops!

Miss Carole led all of us in the "Hokey Pokey!" She instructed all of the moms to put their cameras down...

but you know me... I can do lots of things with my camera in my hands.. so I kept on snapping photos as I danced!

The kids were all asked, "Why do yo love your Mom?" Libi volunteered to respond and here is what she said:
Very quietly, "I love my Mommy because she takes pictures of me."

Laughter from the teachers, then Miss Carole told her to face me and say it louder. She turned to me, hemmed and hawed and finally said, "I love my Mommy because she takes me to Disneyland!"

That was two for two!!!! I love my little girl because she knows just what to say to make her Mommy happy!

What a special day for both of us to share!

I was also pleased to share it with Miss Tasha who loves Libi as if she were her own child. What more could you ask from in a teacher?

Next we were off to swimming!

Happily Libi's hair held up in the pool!!

She was remembered by Miss Karen for wearing a different suit every day of lessons so we had to do that again this year :)

Today is was the green monkey suit she wore last year.

Her diving form cracks me up--- she tries to get the biggest splash she possibly can!

They have been spending some time in the deep end of the pool, but I don't think Libi realizes that she was there. I guess it's all deep when you're not very tall.

Nick is getting a bit more comfortable with the water, but he still cries which upsets Libi a bit. She doesn't want him to be sad. Maybe next week will be better.

Tonight my folks came into town for the weekend!We went back to Chili's for dinner-- yes that was twice in one week for those of you keeping track. However in the good ole CC there aren't many restaurants to go to!Libi was in heaven to have Jammy and Granpa here!


Helen said...

Jammy was in heaven, too, to be with all her kids!

Dolly said...

Yeah!! you got the chance to post some new stuff! Love catching up on your adventures!!!