Friday, May 14, 2010

Swimming lessons accomplished!

For this final day of lessons we were back to the big pool.

Libi began the lessons on her own...

but was soon joined by two very unruly little children.

Happily she wasn't affected by their bad behavior-- she kept on listening and doing just as she was supposed to!

Getting out of the pool is still a challenge for Libs, but she's improving every day!

There was lots of diving today!

I think that she has a pretty nice form.

Since Daddy was watching today she did everything perfectly!!!

When her turn was over she would steal a little glance over at Daddy to make sure he was watching-- very cute.

They did a few tandem jumps...

and then moved on to the rings.

I just loved seeing her little feet up in the air as she tried to get down to the bottom of the pool.

More big smiles for Daddy!

As soon as she got out of the pool she gave Ron a huge, wet hug and thanked him for coming to her swimming lessons!

Thanks so much Miss Karen!

We can't wait to see you again next year :)

Ron and I needed a night out together so we got Cris to babysit so we could use our Screaming Coupon at Mojito.

We had to do the one-armed photo out in front-- it's such a date tradition!

We are so lucky that after all this time we still really enjoy each other's company!

We had to try to signature drink. Ron got the original and I had a pineapple mojito-- I'd highly recommend mine. Yum!

The meal was OK, the appetizers were better than the entrees, so tapas might be the way to go here!

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